The Lonzo Ball thread.

Discussion in 'NBA Dish' started by jacoby, Jul 8, 2017.

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    No, LeBron is gonna migrate to the West to get away from himself.
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    CP3 isn't that dark.
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    Agree with this. Ball clearly has elite passing potential, but just ask Ricky Rubio how far that can get you. The Jason Kidd comparisons are a bit misleading because even a young Jason Kidd would be marginalized in today's NBA because of his lack of shooting early in his career - it's just a different game. Again - see Ricky Rubio or Rajon Rondo to see what good passing & bad shooting(and a slight frame) nets you in the modern NBA.

    If there is one redeeming grace in Lonzo's game, it's that the numbers say he is a solid finisher but from what I can see, his numbers were propped up in both efficiency and volume by assisted points in the paint(since his team relied heavily on off ball cuts), I would say his finishing percentage is maybe a moot point because he didn't have the ability(handles or burst) to get to the hoop consistently in college anyway(20ish times total) so it's unreasonable to expect him to be anything more than a low volume, high percentage paint finisher at best and low volume, low percentage at worst. He probably will be a dangerous off ball cutting talent but if your only skill with the ball in your hands is your passing and the only skill without the ball is savvy off ball cutter, that's probably going to make him an easy cover for defensive schemes. Play off him when he has the ball/go under on screens and play off him when he doesn't have the ball and camp just outside the lane.

    ...also a little concerned that his Dad is on the radio telling people his son doesn't need to work on his shot - that he just needs to "do his thing". Lonzo needs to be taking thousands of shots a day from now through the end of his career - it's a habit that should be in the daily routine of good and bad shooters alike. I would be a little worried if Ball is taking his Dad's running mouth as solid advice.
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    I was at that game. He had 10 assists in the FIRST HALF. Keep in mind the quarters in summer league are only 10 minutes long too. Lonzo is for real. Believe the hype.

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