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    1. LosPollosHermanos
      Badass avatar!
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    2. oakdogg
      When are you and zboy going to add a second front to your war on Player-over-Team posters on this site and drive out these annoying DMOF's? I would do it myself, but I am not as gifted as you.
    3. i3artow i3aller
    4. i3artow i3aller
      i3artow i3aller

      Winter is coming...

      Prepare yourself for a December to remember!
    5. oakdogg
      Is there any better quality of a person than to be authentic? You and zboy are by far the most authentic posters on this board, and that is great to see.
    6. 959sz
      Hi tinman
      Sorry for disturbing you.I 'm a Moses Malone&Barkley fan from China.I love 1981 rockets&1997-1999 rockets too much.I know you watch Rockets game for long years.
      I have a question about Moses and Olajuwon.In your opinion,who is the better player?

      I think Moses is better offencer&rebounder,but Hakeem is better defender.
      And Moses is better a little on drawing foul&FT.
      I had watched 5 or 6 games copy between Moses&Hakeem during 1985-1990,I believe you watch a ton of game for this matchup.So can you talking about something about this?
      Thanks very much.
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      2. Pen15clubber
        But why did you ignore him when he originally asked
        Nov 29, 2017
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      3. tinman
        i don't remember. the answer is Dream.
        Nov 29, 2017
      4. Pen15clubber
        Nov 29, 2017
    7. oakdogg
      I'm a big fan!
    8. i3artow i3aller
    9. i3artow i3aller
    10. i3artow i3aller
    11. i3artow i3aller
    12. Roc Paint
      Roc Paint
      I expect you at the game on the 19th!
    13. Roc Paint
      Roc Paint
      Welcome Back! ;-)
    14. Zboy
      Wazzzzzup True Rockets fan. You got mail. Hit me back.
    15. Roc Paint
      Roc Paint
      Welcome abroad my brother!
    16. Roc Paint
      Roc Paint
      You need to join the Clutch Community social group.
    17. tinman
      No, I put the thread there cause I thought it was relevant based on how badly we needed a big man.
    18. thedude077
      Yeah I get it now. When I called you an a-hole, I wasn't insulting you, though. I thought you were a troll putting a Pau Gasol thread on purpose just to piss some people who were getting tired of Pau Gasol threads.
    19. tinman
      Oh I found it. "1 star thread " - I know that was directed at me cause I started the thread. ", asshole " sure sounds like it's against me. So you are saying you wording wasn't against me?
      I'm ok with criticism, but Clutch doesn't like your wording. Use different terminology next time, not just me but anybody else. we don't want Clutchfans to be an insult fest if people don't like people's threads. if you left out "ass hole"
      you wouldn't have been alright. Also don't sweat a warning, we all get one .

      "1 star thread, won't read again.
      I'm getting tired of the Pau Gasol trade, ass hole. "
    20. thedude077
      Yeah, I received a warning. On one of your threads on Pau Gasol. I wasn't insulting you, I'm just putting my opinion that i'm getting tired of Pau Gasol threads.
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