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  1. CCorn
  2. IBTL
    IBTL BossHogg713
    Dude you and tinywang have the best user names on here nice job
  3. IBTL
    IBTL dachuda86
    Good job on the troll comedy and doing your part to get biden elected. Keep on winning!
  4. PigMiller
  5. jiggyfly
    jiggyfly Buck Turgidson
    How do I post pics.

    What link should I save?
    1. Buck Turgidson
      Buck Turgidson
      Whoa, just noticed this...what's your question now? It's easier if you use the "conversations" tab in the top right corner.
      Jul 7, 2020
  6. Katya_93
    British heart
  7. IBTL
    IBTL Croatian Sensation
    Man would love to pick your brain about Croatia and the amazing coastline. I put in a quote for trip north or south bound on the coast with captain and food..I am sure you are familiar.
    Any advice is appreciatedCheers bro stay safe!
    1. Croatian Sensation
      Croatian Sensation
      tbh, you can't go wrong either way during the summer. the north is more peaceful, the whole region (Istra) is green and islands like Rab and Lošinj are oases, but there are more things to do in the south and you have larger cities on the coast, like Split and Dubrovnik. depends on your preference, but should be a great getaway. food is excellent, any grilled meat or seafood are superb
      thanks and likewise, take care
      May 19, 2020
  8. IBTL
    IBTL RayRay10
    thanks for the likes I appreciate folks that agree with me grin
    1. RayRay10 likes this.
  9. foh
    foh rocketsjudoka
    Pretty cool that you are competing nationally in Judo! Much respect! I don't think I could keep on playing the sport despite a younger age. I'll be careful not to pick a fight with you. Haha.
    Good luck in the future!
    1. rocketsjudoka
      foh, thanks I appreciate it. I was just thinking it's been a month since I did Judo. I'll tell you it's been harder not doing Judo than it was doing it.
      Apr 14, 2020
  10. IBTL
    IBTL NewRoxFan
    been meaning to thank you for your posts. I often come to cf and look for your posts as a way to stay informed and update. Sure i like you because I agree with you haha but keep it coming! Cheers stay safe
  11. Sweet Lou 4 2
    Sweet Lou 4 2 King1
    you do realize, I am the one being trolled here
  12. IBTL
    IBTL dobro1229
    Solid posts good job man
    1. dobro1229 likes this.
  13. IBTL
    IBTL Sweet Lou 4 2
    Solid posts man
  14. Colt45
    Colt45 Blatz
    Nice Judy's reference!
    1. Blatz likes this.
  15. Colt45
    Colt45 magichat281
    Whoops, wrong poster! Sorry!
  16. Deckard
    Human Being
    1. daywalker02 likes this.
  17. ths balla
    ths balla Spacemoth
    Any thoughts on someone visiting Seattle next week? Was going to see my gf, is that a completely terrible idea?
  18. DeBeards
  19. DeBeards
    adding a legit C will not be killjoy, believe me
  20. ApacheWarrior
    Don’t say publicly, but zone defense is only thing that concerns me. What busts up zones.....good shooters. I think we have that.
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