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  1. mdrowe00
    mdrowe00 durvasa
    Generally, manslaughter is a legal, technical way to acknowledge that a death is causal (behavorial/attitudinal), not necessarily malicious (predetermined/intentional), thereby establishing the means to hold accountable and reprimand the party responsible. And , supposedly, to ensure that the value of a life is more important than procedural minutae. --mdrowe00
  2. Kim
    Kim omgTHEpotential
    Who is your avatar? I've tried to be indifferent over the last few months, but every time I see it, it always piques my interest.
    1. omgTHEpotential
      Shay Mitchell ;)
      Jun 12, 2017
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  3. daywalker02
    Hooked on a feeling.......
  4. IslandB.O.I.
  5. HTX Ninja
    HTX Ninja dream2franchise
    Hey, what kind of shoes do you use on the uniform templates?(the black and the white adidas shoes)
    1. dream2franchise
      Maaaaan...been a while. I don't really know. They were whatever the person wearing them had on. How come? If it's for a template I just look for high quality images of shoes that come in a couple of angles.
      May 30, 2017
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    2. HTX Ninja
      HTX Ninja
      Thanks for responding back tho!
      May 30, 2017
  6. Mr Chuck Norris
    Mr Chuck Norris RocketsTruth
    I see your posts about the script. keep the word flowing
  7. lewlloydfan
    lewlloydfan the shark
    shark whats up, just saw u were a rockets fan forever just checking u had any rockets games on video from the 80's? Im a collector and i would be willing to trade , buy if so... thanks
    1. the shark
      the shark
      Unfortunately I don't.
      May 27, 2017
  8. daywalker02
    daywalker02 Jontro
    Yo Jon! I found a Twitter page with the name Jontro Costello and a pic with a man and his lovely lady and it was private...... was it u?
  9. mdrowe00
    mdrowe00 JuanValdez
    ...and this line of thinking tracks along with the whole "states rights" arguments proffered about the nation's reconciliation of chattel slavery. We generally don't speak of our society in terms of it being constructed or engineered to a specific purpose and/or end. You'd think we all would have at least figured out that much by now... --mdrowe00
  10. Codman
    Game 6 is the reason we're all Rockets fans. You live for the highs, the LOWS and the epic meltdowns. Fandom SHOULD be painful...
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  11. juanm34
    Still waiting for that magic.
  12. RoxTurk
    RoxTurk hooroo
    are you turkish? it's shocking to see ipek soylu's name in a signature of a rockets forum member.
  13. mdrowe00
    mdrowe00 NewRoxFan
    You, know, I gotta say...I admire your dedication to debating with so many of these vapid, nonsensical posters here. I don't do it nearly as much myself as I probably should (especially with Herr Capitan growing bananas for the republic)...but nice to know some of us just have to call a spade a spade (inside Negro humor there)... --mdrowe00
    1. NewRoxFan
      Thanks for the kind recognition. I occasionally get frustrated and think I am tilting at windmills but most of the time I don't let it get to me. There are a few on ignore though, more a result of their style than their positions. Hopefully you post more; always enjoy reading your posts.
      May 16, 2017
  14. mdrowe00
    mdrowe00 Deckard
    Having faith in human beings is generally pretty trying. I'm glad you're at least starting to appreciate the need to cut some people some slack over this whole Donald Trump mess of a presidency. And also, maybe the best thing about all this is that there might actually be a push to get some of these state legislatures turned over. That's where the fight is and has always been. --mdrowe00.
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  15. Scarface
  16. vizier
  17. ilovehtownbb
    ilovehtownbb francis 4 prez
    Man, I'm so ****kkmg pissed off at harden right now
    "I am not a role model, I'm a Texan"
  19. stefaniexxy
  20. DFWRocket
    dude where've you been? You gotta make it to one of our watch parties soon.
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    2. GRENDEL
      Yeah man, we have to see when the wife and I can get out to one!
      May 3, 2017